PULUZ 40cm Folding Portable Ring Light USB Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box with 6 x Dual-side Color Backdrops

Photo light box: 40 x 40cm 3 color (white light, soft light, warm light) 10-level (1 percent - 100 percent) adjustable studio photo light box, the brightness is times of ordinary light boxes, no strobe and flashing. Apply to professional photographer to take high quality photos. The light diffuser given away makes photos softer.

PULUZ 45m/147ft Waterproof Diving Housing Photo Video Taking Underwater Cover Case

PULUZ has newly launched two universal diving shells for Apple and Android phones. It's made of high-strength compression-resistant PC shell and provide 360° comprehensive protection, up to 45 meters diving depth. It has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall, anti-freeze, high light transmittance, etc. And the underwater shooting image is clear.

PULUZ 50x70cm Studio Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

Softbox lighting kit is ideal for use in studios. It can produce a great lighting effect, good choice for photography enthusiasts, novices, semi-professional and professional photographers. Suitable for studio portraits shooting, portrait shooting, fashion photo shooting, children photo shooting or still life shots, etc.

Desktop Live Broadcast Handheld Selfie | PULUZ New Handheld Bluetooth Fill Light!

PULUZ newly launched a handheld Bluetooth ring fill light, compatible with desktop live broadcasts, handheld selfies, built-in battery and USB charging port, environmentally friendly and durable, long-lasting battery life, integrated folding storage, easy to carry, detachable Bluetooth remote control, to achieve remote selfies, 3 A variety of color modes and 9 levels of brightness adjustment, interpretation of different shooting effects, specially designed for video recording, Internet celebrity live broadcast, indoor and outdoor lighting, portrait shooting.

GoPro Max Action Cam

Packing Max Hyper Smooth, Max TimeWarp, Max SuperView, plus a single lens HERO and dual lens 360 camera, MAX maxes out the radness.

5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

With the creative flexibility that photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop offer, many rely on post-processing to improve their photos. However, if you are not keen on getting all techie and learning the ropes of photo editing tools, you can still come up with nice photos. Below are five simple tips to improve your photography skills:

5 Key Skills for the Modern Photographer

All the whistles and bells of the modern camera should, at least in theory, make crafting great images an easier and more straightforward process than it used to be – with all these exposure modes, focussing tools, picture styles and the like, camera manufacturers would like you to believe that it’s just a matter of squeezing the shutter and hey presto you’re Bailey. Certainly getting the tricky business of exposure right has become more straightforward for the technologically challenged – you really don’t need to know much to get some passable snapshots but what about if you want to take your photography further? Photography is so very different an activity from that of even ten years ago. Good modern photographers need to be able to do so much more than compose and frame a shot, and whilst the traditional skills required for messing around with chemicals in a darkroom are waning, a whole set of new techniques are needed if you want to develop your photography to a really high standard. Here’s what I think

New released GoPro: HERO9 BLACK

Gopro launched the new Hero Black on SEP 16, 2020, available globally. What new upgrades does Hero 9 Black bring this time? Let's take a look below.

Puluz Tripod for Professional Photography

A high quality camera tripod plays an important role in improving the quality of your photos and videos. Thanks to stable mount support, you can compose accurately and shoot sharp images without shaking. Using Puluz tripod, you can achieve long exposure, multi-angle shots, panoramic shots, HDR and surround exposure light effects. The Puluz tripod's versatility also gives you the freedom to shoot, turning it into your mobile photography studio.

Good Tent to Help Your Items UV Disinfect

Among all wavelengths of ultraviolet light, only short-wave UVC has sterilization and disinfection effect. It is a pure physical disinfection method, with a broad spectrum, high efficiency, fast and thorough, no need to add chemical agents, no drug resistance, no secondary pollution features.

New Trend Of GoPro

Gopro's new product is released, all parameters are fully upgraded, and playability has also improved a lot.

A Diving Flashlight Is A Pair Of "Eyes" For A Diver

Diving flashlight is a kind of underwater lighting. The earliest diving flashlights were only used for diver lighting, but as people became more interested in the sea, and explored underwater ancient cultural relics, national marine geographic exploration, the latest trend of underwater wedding photography, etc., underwater cameras are widely used. This led to the development of the underwater photography fill light, which was upgraded from the diving flashlight, and belongs to a higher demand diving flashlight.