Shopping FAQS

  • Why no free shipping?
    • Our prices online are EXW prices. Some competitors' websites provide free shipping, however, they already charged shipping fee in product price.

  • How do I calculate shipping cost ?
    • Add all products what you need to shopping cart, you will see different shipping cost via different shipping methods for your choice. To save shipping cost, please check here.

  • How to customize shipment invoice?
    • After you confirm the order and before ship, please enter into your current order detail page, then you can see the button "customize my shipment invoice", please press it, you will enter the invoice page, then you can edit your invoice depends on your mind, including the products description, declaration amount, shipping cost and so on.

  • What's the lead time?
    • To be honest, lead time is 1-3 working days normally. 3-5 working days for very complicated mixed items orders. For OEM orders, the lead time is depended on your order, please contact our service department.

  • How are customs and taxes issues handled?
    • The customer is responsible for all customs and import issues. All imported products are subject to customs clearance in every country. When you buy from PULUZ, the products are sent from China. Therefore you are importing, and you are the importer who is responsible for the products when they pass through customs in destination country. It's your responsibility to find out in advance if the products are permissible to import into destination country, clearance requirements, taxes and policies applied in destination country.

  • How do you pack the goods and ship out, is it safe?
    • It is very important that you get the parcel in good condition, so we pay much attention to the packing, we pack them in carton carefully, it will protect the goods well in transit.

  • How long will I receive my order after shipment?
    • It depends on the shipping way you choose, if you choose Expedited Shipping, delivery time: 3 - 5 working days. If you choose Standard Shipping, delivery time: 7 - 25 working days.

  • Will I get my parcel at home or in local shipping company centre?
    • Usually, if you choose Expedited Shipping, it has door to door service, but sometimes, if shipping company delivery centre is far away, they may call you to pick up your parcel there.

      If you choose Standard Shipping, parcel will be delivered by post office, some post offices will send parcel to your P.O Box or home, some will let you pick up directly in your post office, it depends on your country's policy.