Shopping FAQS

  • Welcome to PULUZ!
    • Welcome to PULUZ! If this is your first visit, then congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey to discover the wonderful GoPro accessories. PULUZ is a Shenzhen-based online store specializing in GoPro accessories with high quality and competitive price. Most items are same day shipping. At PULUZ, you won't feel like a stranger but rather a fellow of GoPro accessories fan!

  • What can PULUZ do for me?
    • At PULUZ, we understand the reservations you may have regarding purchasing via the internet. That's why we've taken steps to make your experience hassle-free and safe.

      We have developed this help page to assist you with standard information you may need. It also includes all the frequently asked questions from our customers. You can browse by categories you are interested in or you can search some information you want to know at knowledge base by entering keywords in the search bar. Through this help page, you will see a clearer profile of our company and know better about our services.

      If you can not get a satisfied answer here, please contact us.

  • Why choose PULUZ?
    • 1. Wide range, top quality, great value products.
      2. Professional and expert advice from a great team.
      3. Fast and efficient delivery.
      4. Excellent customer service.
      5. 100% trusted and 100% secure.
      6. One year warranty.

  • Can I visit your company in China?
    • Yes, sure. We are more than happy to meet you in Shenzhen and show you around our workplace. Many overseas buyers have visited us before. Please tell us your schedule in advance, it will be helpful for both of us.