New released GoPro: HERO9 BLACK

Gopro launched the new Hero Black on SEP 16, 2020, available globally. What new upgrades does Hero 9 Black bring this time? Let's take a look below.

Puluz Tripod for Professional Photography

A high quality camera tripod plays an important role in improving the quality of your photos and videos. Thanks to stable mount support, you can compose accurately and shoot sharp images without shaking. Using Puluz tripod, you can achieve long exposure, multi-angle shots, panoramic shots, HDR and surround exposure light effects. The Puluz tripod's versatility also gives you the freedom to shoot, turning it into your mobile photography studio.

Good Tent to Help Your Items UV Disinfect

Among all wavelengths of ultraviolet light, only short-wave UVC has sterilization and disinfection effect. It is a pure physical disinfection method, with a broad spectrum, high efficiency, fast and thorough, no need to add chemical agents, no drug resistance, no secondary pollution features.

New Trend Of GoPro

Gopro's new product is released, all parameters are fully upgraded, and playability has also improved a lot.

A Diving Flashlight Is A Pair Of "Eyes" For A Diver

Diving flashlight is a kind of underwater lighting. The earliest diving flashlights were only used for diver lighting, but as people became more interested in the sea, and explored underwater ancient cultural relics, national marine geographic exploration, the latest trend of underwater wedding photography, etc., underwater cameras are widely used. This led to the development of the underwater photography fill light, which was upgraded from the diving flashlight, and belongs to a higher demand diving flashlight.

How to Quickly Master Underwater Photography Skills

If you're reading this guide, you probably want to improve your photography. In addition to diving more and practicing, I wanted to touch on the subject of some useful ways to improve your photography. One of the best ways, is to compare photos with others more experienced than you, taken at the same location. Why are there photos better than yours? Was it a different time of day? Location? Subjects? Did they do more research? Use different equipment? Have more patience? Use a different composition or lighting? Did they pre-arrange to use a friend as a model? Have a better guide? Were they more familiar with the dive site? Or did they just have better luck?

The Most Popular Types of Photography, Which One Do You Prefer?

The best thing about being a beginner and aspiring photographer is that you are free to explore virtually every photography niche there is. Fashion, photojournalism, sports, events—armed with a camera, you can try it all out and improve your skill at the same time. But as you gain more experience in photography, you’ll find that it’s hard to master a specific style if you don’t stick to it. In fact, it may be the very thing that could be holding you back from being successful in a particular niche. In this article, we’ll help you understand some of the most popular niches in photography, what they’re like, and how you can excel in each of them.

Wildlife Photography with a Short Telephoto Lens

If it isn’t obvious from the photos I share on Photography Life, the camera equipment I use makes it quite clear: I am not a wildlife photographer. In fact, my longest lens weighs in at 105mm — nowhere near the super-telephotos used by most wildlife pros. However, although I rarely seek out wildlife opportunities, animals do not avoid me. I have been fortunate enough to see everything from whales to reindeer while taking pictures, and I’ve learned some tips for photographing wildlife with a short telephoto lens along the way.

The Best Photo Studio Box For Product Display

With time goes by, photography is not only popular for people and landscape. Microscopic product image display becomes a point. Lightweight, portable, ultimate, whatever you can’t imaged before. Today, we will show you some hot spots at recent months.

The DJI Osmo Pocket Feels Like the Camcorder of the Future

When it comes to cameras in 2019, the battle has become providing something that a smartphone camera can’t, and the Osmo Pocket does that. The stabilization feels like magic, and the self-contained package made me bring it more places than I do with my smartphone gimbal. And at the end of the day, the camera you actually take with you is the one you want.